sleeping beauty


Our new sleepwear collection is here to impress. The fabric is unbelievable soft and the design is fine and feminine. Thanks to this collection your good night sleep will never be the same #sleepwear #style #supersoft #cozy #lace #feminine


Flannel & Check

This time of year is made for apple cider, popcorn, relaxing nights in with your girls, and the coziest of all clothing: flannel. A little rustic, a little soft in the sleeves, and packed with easy-to-throw-on comfort, flannels and check pattern are the epitome of casual yet cute fall attire. Even Ralph Lauren, D&G, Hedi Slimane and Missoni love that trend.
#flannel #cosy #comfort #rusticfashion #style #casual
credits: Hedi Slimane (imaxtree), Missoni (Marcus Tondo), Ralph Lauren (vogue), D&G (vogue)

Athleisure has infiltrated the runways


Athleisure isn’t going anywhere! At its core, the movement champions clothing that’s actually comfortable. It’s not surprising that runway fashion has caught up with the comfortable times. On the 2017 catwalks, the Athleisure effect was multifaceted and you could see it on every fashion week. It´s comfy, it´s cosy and it´s here to stay.
#runway #bluelemon #fashion #style #athleisure #trend #thelatest

it´s time for Athleisure


This outfit is great for cool workout sessions and stylish everyday looks!

Our new Athleisure collection combines a puristic aesthetic with a contemporary ideal: feminine, modern, light and stylish – relaxed but elegant. We put emphasize on high-quality, select materials modern cuts. #athleisure #workout #casual #lessure #homewear #comfy #stylish #bluelemon #yoga #sports #leggings #bra

Sommer Trend

Nautic Feeling: Streifen

Gesichtet auf der Fashion Week bei:  Avelon, Laurèl, Lena Hoschek, Perret Schaad, Tanya Tailor, Odeeh, Hien Le

Ob auf Hosen, Röcken, oder Blusenkleidern, die Blockstreifen sind DAS Muster für den Sommer 2017 und dürfen in starken Trendfarben wie navy leuchten!

Femininer Nautic-Look wie bei Hoschek oder sleeker Matrosen-Style wie bei Hien Le: Um die zarten navyblauen Streifen auf weißem Grund kommen wir nicht mehr herum!

pics by Lena Hoschek and Taya Tailor (infinitas)